About us

Getaway Gateway is your open door to the next great adventure.  We cater to the day trippers, weekend warriors, and the die-hard outdoor enthusiasts.  Whether you are embarking on a casual trip or camping in the wilderness, we have the travel essentials you need.


Getaway Gateway isn't like other outdoor equipment stores, we are not headquartered in an office building with a bunch of employees.  We are a team of two, a husband and wife, who one day decided to start an online business for camping, hiking, and other outdoor/ travel essentials.  We love the outdoors and when we do take a vacation, we aim to have as much fun as possible exploring some new place with new adventures.  Over the years we have been to places like Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Buena Vista Colorado, Santa Fe New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and we have taken a Caribbean cruise.  We enjoyed these trips so much more than other more traditional vacations, that our enthusiasm for spending time exploring the outdoors has only grown and will continue to grow.  We are especially keen to explore what all America has to offer since there are so many beautiful parks, monuments, and forests within our country.  It is this enthusiasm and interest in America's outdoor playground that spurred us to set up this store.  We are truly interested in sharing that enthusiasm and love of exploring by helping you prepare for your next adventure, no matter how large or small.  We want to have good quality gear available for all different price ranges and levels of adventure.  As new options for gear become available to us, we will keep the store updated and strive to find even better equipment to offer.  We are happy to be part of your next adventure!