Christmas Gifts For The Nature Lover

Posted by J & V on Nov 13th 2023

Christmas Gifts For The Nature Lover

      This month we give an updated list of gift ideas for the nature enthusiast in your life.  This person can be a fan of hiking, camping, traveling, sight seeing, or just lounging by the lake.  We have something for everyone in a wide range of prices to suit everyone's budget.  Read on for holiday inspiration, and get your shopping done early this year!

1. Binoculars.  Our Bushnell Binoculars are the perfect gift for the sight-seer, tourist, bird watcher, or sports watcher.  They feature durable and lightweight aluminum frames with soft grips.  The H2O series is waterproof, ready to handle whatever life throws at them and give the gift recipient sharp and clear pictures no matter the weather.  If Bushnell is a bit pricey for you, we have Tasco binoculars for less than $100.  They are also rugged, waterproof, and compact for travelling.

2. Flashlights.  Friends don't let friends go out in the dark alone, take a flashlight!  We have all sizes and lumens to choose from.  The small compact Solaray or EcoGear flashlights are perfect for carrying in a purse or suitcase, or to keep in your car for emergencies.  For the camping trips, we have headlamps, which are great for letting you see where you are walking while being able to use your hands for other things, like carrying food for the campfire.  We also have lanterns to use your tent or outside on the patio table.

3. Backpack. We have sleek black hiking packs for the mountaineer from Mons Peak IX. Or if you want more of a tactical look and style, we have EDC tactical backpacks in different sizes from XGear Tactical.  Both types are made for the outdoorsman or woman and are sure to please anyone with their durable construction and many pockets.

4. Knife. We have Cold Steel, KA-BAR, and SOL knives for the survivalist.  Made with sturdy construction and sharp points, they are great for everyday carry or using in the field.  The SOL folding knife has a serrated part of the blade for rope cutting and comes with a flint starter and tinder cord to help start a fire.  The KA-BAR brand is famous for their military knives, we have a straight edge knife and a serrated knife, both are built for rugged adventures and survival situations.

5. Hatchet or Axe.  Looking for a something a bit heftier than a knife?  Then check out our SOL camp hatchet, it also come with a flint starter and tinder cord for quick fire starting.  It also comes designed with three hex wrenches and a bottle opener in the hatchet.  This is great for the weekend camper you know.  Our Cold Steel Axe is also an ideal gift for the hands-on nature lover on your gift list.  This axe will make short work of chopping wood for a campfire or for anything else you need.

6. Cooler. The Camco Camping Stool is a lightweight 3 in1 backpack useful for a weekend adventure.  It features a waterproof compartment to be used as a cooler for food and drink, it has adjustable straps for carrying on your back, and it folds out to sit on as stool.  There are also zippered pockets on the outside for small items like a phone and keys.  We have it in green or camo.

7. Dry Bag.  Do you have a relative or friend who spends much of their time with aquatic sports such as kayaking?  Then the Voyager Dry Bag is perfect for them this Christmas.  There are several colors to choose from and three different sizes.  It will keep gear safe and dry during adventures and is rugged enough to last many seasons.  As a bonus, these dry bags also come with a cell phone pouch.

8. Water Bottle. You can't go wrong with gifting a water bottle to an avid adventurer.  We have Rapidpure purifying bottles that have filters for using stream water, just fill and drink, perfect for any explorer.  We also have some with our unique camping or hiking themed designs.  Our largest bottle is 22 oz and vacuum insulated to keep your beverages cold all day while out and about.  There is nothing better than a cold drink of water after a long hike in the mountains. 

9. Mug. Do you have an outdoor loving coworker or friend you need a small gift for?  Then our mugs are just what you need.  Priced just right, but full of style and attitude, our in-house designed mugs are a great way of showing your friends you know how to find one-of-a-kind gifts and something they will truly appreciate.  They can sip their coffee or tea and admire the colorful outdoor themed design, while dreaming of their next outdoor getaway.

10. T-Shirt. or Sweatshirt. What do you get someone who has everything?  A fun shirt of course!  I can guarantee they won't have any of our designs in their closet.  You won't find our designs anywhere else.  We have fun, interesting, colorful, unique graphics to please everyone who loves nature and adventuring.  We even have clothing for kids.  Check out our Etsy store for more options including sweatshirts and hoodies and kids clothing. is our Etsy store, where all of the items there have free shipping.

11. Stocking Stuffers.  If you are looking for small gifts to put in some special stockings, we've got you covered.  For the avid camper we have an SOL fuel free lighter, it works at any altitude and is charged by USB.  For the rugged outdoorsman, we have and SOL pocket chain saw, equipped with 40 inches of carbon steel and eleven teeth to make short work of any cutting.  For the hiker who likes to wander off trail, we have the SOL sighting compass, equipped with a magnifying glass and glow in the dark features to help you find your way no matter where you are.  Check out our Extras category for some hiking themed candles.  They are 9oz glass jars with four scents to choose from a different hiking or camping scene will liven up your apartment, or freshen anyone's living space.  In the light travel bag category we have accessory pouches that are a very versatile gift for a friend or family member and are great for general storage or for traveling.

     We hope this list of ideas will help you find gifts for everyone in your circle.  Peruse our site for other gear for campers, hikers, adventurers, wanderers, explorers, and tourists.  Remember that more and more people are ordering gifts online each year, and orders take time to be processed and delivered, so get your online holiday shopping done early this year.

Happy adventuring!